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The Field of Randomness, Karma, and Superstition – Ep.186


First Chris read a passage from 365 Tao titled Horizon, which revealed the necessity to view your life from a higher vantage point so you can see things on the horizon as they approach you. When you don’t see something coming and it hits you hard, you may feel like the universe is punishing you, but if you saw it coming you could have easily avoided it, or at least prepared for it. This is wisdom.

Lifting your gaze above small, day-to-day occurrences that may seem to be good or bad “luck.” Avoid the trap of superstition!

What Leonard Mlodinow (in The Drunkard’s Walk) calls “randomness” is the scientific word for the phenomenon/field in which “karma” is able to be delivered. “Karma” = the reflection of ourselves taking the form of circumstances.

The world is vibrating and plastic, and consciousness directs the formation of things and circumstances using the atoms, etc. as it wills. 

Like the construction of a fractal, the small happenings in life can seem random but the superstructure which they form is predictable and unavoidable (and beautiful!). Consciousness designs that form and then the universe, via its vibrating tiny parts, fulfills that design.

Chris tells the story of his finding Sahaj Marg meditation. It could have happened a month before or the year after. Or via internet or via word of mouth. But it was ready to happen and GOING to happen due to the student and the teacher being ready. Some higher intelligence facilitated that circumstance.

Pure randomness vs karma, fate, etc?

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  1. This made me think of he video that you showed last year at the retreat. It started with a person picnicking in the park, and then going to a wider and wider angle until you were viewing the world from outer space.
    Helps to put things in perspective!
    I completely agree that when things happen we have a tendency to label them as good, bad, hard, whatever. The trick is learning to see it as an opportunity. Life is always changing and it is always for the better even if it may not seem so at the time.

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