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Practical Wisdom, Spiritual Determination, and Putting the Election in Perspective – Ep.188

Hackelbarney State Park

I basically did a solo Walk-n-Talk in Hacklebarney State Park in New Jersey.

I touched on several topics:

Being Considerate (one of Chris’s Driving Analogy), Raising Your Conscious Awareness, Determination, Higher Perspective, Putting the Election in Perspective, Being Open to the Flow and Influence of Nature, Accepting the Influence of Nature, Wisdom…

What are your thoughts?

Enjoy listening to the entire episode!

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  1. great show. You should record some of your thoughts and observations on your drive back that would be interesting. i also wouldn’t mind if the show was a little shorter on the days you dont have as much to say cause what you do have to say has meaning and its good to hear. one last thing the story you said about people saying hello to you in the store reminds me of a story i heard and i apologize if i posted it already. There was a guy who would wave and smile to everyone he saw. One day someone asked him why do you do that. the guy told a story about how he was going to kill himself and some guy saw him and just waved and smiled and it snapped him out of going to do it. ever since i heard that story i go out of my way to hold a door or say hello or something. Not sure if it was true or not but i like to believe it is.

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