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Kicking off The Summer of As A Man Thinketh – Ep.175

This summer, over the course of approximately 10 episodes, we will read the classic book As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This summer is "The Summer of As A Man Thinketh!" In this episode we read the first section called Thought and Character. … [Continue reading]

Sean is Moving Forward on His Path – Ep.174

One of your fellow listeners, Sean from Vancouver, emailed me with some questions a couple weeks ago, so I invited him to chat with me on the show. It's not an interview; we had a casual conversation about deep spiritual experiences that change your … [Continue reading]

Your Spark and Your Protective Case – Ep.173

We start by mentioning next year's BLISS Week (a week-long Pause Your Life retreat), as well as the Mid-Week Pause emails you can sign up for here. Also, I'm currently listening to an audio book called Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. … [Continue reading]

Leaving “the Nest” – Ep.172

Thinking of a "nest" as a place that's comfortable, known and safe, there are many "nests" that you have to leave, a few of which are long relationships, your comfort zone, habits, your formal education, a long association with an organization, when … [Continue reading]

Avoid Spiritual Starvation; Here’s How to Feed Yourself – Ep.171

First we announced your Mid-Week Pause, weekly content (deep and energizing excerpts) delivered to your email to help you stay grounded/powerful and NOT get swept away in the madness of your work week. It starts next week so jump on board now ;) … [Continue reading]

Mindfulness Is a Handy Tool, but It’s Not the Goal – Ep.170

First, a quirky analogy... The world is like a parking lot with faded parking space lines - you try your best to park correctly but sometimes the only available spot is between two other cars who both parked really crooked. If both those cars leave … [Continue reading]

What Does It Mean to Be “in The Flow,” or Feeling “Led” to Do Something? – Ep.169

We start by going over the lists of the 10 worthless and sorrow-producing elements of your lower self (NOTE: for spiritual growth you need to remove these), and the 10 divine qualities of your authentic/higher Self. These are from the section called … [Continue reading]

Go Deeper Inside Instead of Going Crazy – Ep.168

The external world and other people can really test your patience After you get past your initial reaction to a situation (which may take weeks), go back to the fundamentals - the spiritual treasure within yourself. Here is what Chris read … [Continue reading]

Wolf Pups – Ep.167

First a quick reading from 365 Tao titled 'Readiness.' Then... Wolf pups, Tiger cubs and a zillion other animal babies — they all wrestle and play with each other. Why? To strengthen themselves and to learn skills and knowledge. They don't hate … [Continue reading]