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Entering the Fall of the Ego – Ep.184

Aspen Tree in the fall

Ushering in the Fall of the Ego! To reduce the ego, of course  😉

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Then we discuss the Ego. How does it show up in our lives?

Blatantly: A person is disrespectful, obnoxious, they assume they are MUCH more important than others, their time is more important than other people’s time, they are totally focused on their possessions, and upset when they don’t get every little superficial thing that they want, etc.

Subtly: Me, my and mine. Identifying with and being attached to things, etc.

Then Chris made some spiritual analogies via two audio engineering terms called Signal-to-Noise Ratio, and Noise Reduction. One analogy: Signal = the heart, Noise = the mind.

Finished the episode underscoring how much nature can clear your mind…

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Keep Shining!

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  1. I see Ego manifest mainly in one’s physical existence – as a person my preferences – likes and dislikes. Especially in this social setup each one of us should HAVE preference/opinion – if you don’t have that SOLID identity, you are looked down as a weak person 🙂 then the intellectual arrogance – I know it ALL others are DUMP stupid and I am superior Hahaha….

  2. Peggy Bagarozza says:

    Welcome back Chris. I am enjoying all you create.😊

  3. Great podcast – been thinking a lot about spirit and ego lately and enjoyed reflecting on your thoughts as I listened.

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