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Energetic Upgrading with Yasmina – Ep.187

Sunset at Black Canyon, Colorado

Be a fly on the wall for my deep chat with Yasmina Bauernfeind, multidimensional energy-specialist. 

Yasmina tells us why this Fall of 2016 is an ideal time to raise your consciousness. Veils are thinning – grit is being taken off… Your energetic upgrading is being accelerated.

In higher dimensions, there is no time, space, duality or locality. We talk about a kind of new approach — merging from within — expanding through experience.

Support and strength from the entities/beings in the spiritual realms comes in words, feelings, images, etc. Listen to your inner promptings. Be aware that your own doubt is an obstacle. And, of course, it is not possible for the mind to comprehend higher dimensions.

Listening — sometimes we hear reflections from the lower planes which appear in the form of fear or agitation. This is not true intuition. Idea: If an intuition comes 3 times then it’s probably genuine intuition.

It’s a conducive time to claim your own authority, your own sovereignty. Get out of old ruts and the thinking that, “I’m not able to take responsibility for making my own choices.”

Self-Love is how to deal with negativity and condemnation from others. You drop into it (Self-Love) and then there’s no duality, negativity, etc.

We ended with Yasmina giving a short message to those who want to progress spiritually but may be experiencing lots of pain and suffering.

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  1. Loved this. Very interesting Lady! I plan on sharing it with someone from my CWG group. I think he will love it.

    When you were asking her about feeling excited about your own awakening and wanting to teach others but thinking that was more about the ego? I was taught that if we put ourselves out there to teach (and be taught), we just need to be sure that we don’t have any attachment to the outcome. For example, if we are organizing a workshop or retreat that you feel can really help raise the consciousness level of people which will ultimately lead them to a happier, better, more productive life, and only one person shows up, you need to be ok with that. Your not attached to the outcome.
    Just like I am writing this to you now and if it helps someone that’s great, if not, OK!

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