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You Are a Shopping Cart That Pulls to the Left – Ep.160

Chris and the Mountain Lion

First a couple of stories – my wife and I visited 7 Falls here in Colorado Springs. And I got my picture taken with a Mountain Lion 😉

A few days later I fed the hungry deer out of our basement slider. (pic below). And of course the rabbits ate the strawberries I put outside the door

We are all shopping carts pulling to the left or right. Constant adjustment is necessary.

7 Falls, Colorado Springs

When we’re brand new carts we roll straight. But each of us, on the material plane, is damaged goods.

What is a cart for? To carry things? *What is it that a human being is carrying for the Master?

We should endeavor to roll straight so we don’t put more work on those around us, especially our spiritual guide.

The cup holder on the shopping cart – my wife and I literally didn’t see it for 10 minutes. And I was actually drinking a cup of coffee as we made our way through the produce section.

7 Falls in Colorado Springs

You know what else you don’t see? The essence. It’s not visible.

Think of a seed of a plant. What’s inside the seed. Nothing.

The earth supports its growth, but what makes it grow?! What inside the seed makes it grow and “become?”

In one sense, our physical body exists as the expression of our essence.

Feeding the hungry Deer

Stands for… As in a middle initial. Or a word – like Tolle says, words are just signposts.

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