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Practicing Mindfulness Meditation and Living with an Open Heart – Ep.131

Rhona Post - The Healer Coach

Rhona Post – The Healer Coach

We welcome Rhona Post – The Healer Coach, author of Navigating Tomorrow, and creator of the DVD Rekindling Passion!

We discussed a lot; enjoy listening to the episode to hear all the details. Below I have included some of my own notes.

Observation: Most humans live from the neck up, as opposed to living from the heart.

The proper order to create happiness: Be – Do – Have. In order to have anything we have to become something first and then do something.

Mindfulness meditation is a platform for awakening.

One definition of Mindfulness: The dispassionate observation of thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc.

Detachment only comes from meditation practice.

Be like a river – life just flows through you. Be at ease with pain or pleasure, gain and loss. See no distinction; have no aversion to pain or strong desire for pleasure.

Ego – pride, arrogance, etc – is SO subtle!

Early in life people told Rhona, “You are so brilliant, but I wish you would live more from your heart.”

One practice you can use to help open your heart:

  1. Set your intention: That your heart will open
  2. Set the intention for yourself as well as others
  3. Mentally note when/if your heart closes
  4. Check yourself 6 times per day, throughout the day. Ask yourself, “What did it feel like in my body when my heart was open?” Scan yourself, for instance throat, jaw, face, heart, various chakras, etc.

You gradually develop awareness of how it feels when your heart is open and closed.


Each and every spiritual aspirant needs teachers and a community of practitioners. A group or a buddy can hold your intention with you, witness you without judgement, and help hold you accountable to your intention.

Forgiveness and Acceptance are the two main parts of unconditional Love.

How you can help other people: Be the model of that which you aspire to.

One spiritual technique: Look upon every person as if they were your mother in a past life.

Re: Happiness – when you practice and meditate enough, otherworldly joy arises! You no longer rely on your senses to be happy.

How to measure your mindfulness meditation practice: You will see a reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of negative emotions.

If you actually arrive at a true spiritual practice, you have already generated a lot of good karma in other lifetimes.

Meditation is a healing activity and wholeness is the result.

Buddha said we have 111,000 wisdom breaths in a lifetime.

Thanks again, Rhona!

And thanks to all the Pause Your Life members for their support!

Keep Shining!

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