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Avoid Spiritual Starvation; Here’s How to Feed Yourself – Ep.171

Hummingbirds in Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado

First we announced your Mid-Week Pause, weekly content (deep and energizing excerpts) delivered to your email to help you stay grounded/powerful and NOT get swept away in the madness of your work week. It starts next week so jump on board now 😉 …courtesy of Pause Your Life.

Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado is awesome…..and someone lives in a red house up there, too! We saw Hummingbirds feeding and I had a thought: Spiritually speaking, are you “going to the feeder?” Or living in a starved condition?

Most humans are starving – seeking everything outside themselves and never finding it: Contentment, Peace, Divinity, Respect, etc. Trying to show off or be cool is only done by a starving person. We seek things outside ourselves to fill a void on the inside, but that void can’t be filled by material world things or situations.

Many times I’ve been blessed to have an experience of going deeper in meditation than ever before, and then realizing that the previous depth I was at was really not that deep.

So, back to the Hummingbirds, how can you “feed” yourself spiritually?:

  • Meditation
  • Nature – walking or relaxing
  • Silence
  • Reading good material
  • Having the idea that you are constantly being fed from inside – from the Source, God, Universe…
  • Did I mention Meditation..?…..? hehe

Therefor, the Mid-Week Pause emails. A great excuse to Pause and “feed” yourself every Wednesday in the middle of the crazy work week. Pausing is fundamentally important – vital! 

We need to feed ourselves from the inside in order to handle all the misery that life throws at us. Remember what Buddha was shocked by: Sickness, Old age, and Death. Most humans think they are living a happy life, but they’re not. They are just hoping and praying that soon they will have more money, luxury and power.

Happiness makes up for in height what it lacks in length.” ~Robert Frost

Starving people need to believe in superstitions. It’s a trap to get stuck in routines that don’t “feed” us. Drop all superstition.

So, sign up for the Mid-Week Pause emails and  have a genuine moment with yourself every Wednesday. Read a short excerpt of some deep and energizing words.

Until next week, Shine On!

Listen to the full episode for all the details.

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Keep Shining!

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