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The Realization of Selfless Love (Part One), and Carrying Mental Anguish – Ep.114


It’s one thing to pursue someone else to hold them accountable, and it’s another thing to live your life free of the ongoing mental preoccupation of a continued battle. Sometimes it’s possible to do both simultaneously, but sometimes it’s better to walk away – preserve your peace of mind – move on – let it go! Chris talked about his own experience getting ripped off by two business associates, and the empowering freedom he felt when he completely moved on without fighting for what was technically his fair share.

In some cases it may be better to write off a loss and move on with your life instead of fighting and brooding and more fighting and more brooding. Brooding over arguments spoils your spiritual condition.

In this vein Chris read and discussed The Story of the Two Monks:

Two monks were making a pilgrimage to venerate the relics of a great Saint. During the course of their journey, they came to a river where they met a beautiful young woman – an apparently worldly creature, dressed in expensive finery and with her hair done up in the latest fashion. She was afraid of the current and afraid of ruining her lovely clothing, so asked the brothers if they might carry her across the river.

The younger and more exacting of the brothers was offended at the very idea and turned away with an attitude of disgust. The older brother didn’t hesitate, and quickly picked the woman up on his shoulders, carried her across the river, and set her down on the other side. She thanked him and went on her way, and the brother waded back through the waters.

The monks resumed their walk, the older one in perfect equanimity and enjoying the beautiful countryside, while the younger one grew more and more brooding and distracted, so much so that he could keep his silence no longer and suddenly burst out, “Brother, we are taught to avoid contact with women, and there you were, not just touching a woman, but carrying her on your shoulders!”

The older monk looked at the younger with a loving, pitiful smile and said, “Brother, I set her down on the other side of the river; you are still carrying her.”


Then we began the section called The Realization of Selfless Love, from James Allen’s book titled From Poverty to Power. Here are some of the quotes from this section which Chris discussed a bit:

“Hidden deep in every human heart, though frequently covered up with a mass of hard and almost impenetrable accretions, is the spirit of Divine Love.”

“That of our vices we can frame
A ladder if we will but tread
Beneath our feet each deed of shame.”

“Divine Love is distinguished from human loves in this supremely important particular, it is free from partiality.” (This has to be the BEST way to explain this distinction – a very important distinction, given the fact that the word ‘love’ is thrown around so often by people with so many meanings.)

“Only that Love that seeks no personal gratification or reward, that does not make distinctions, and that leaves behind no heartaches, can be called divine.”

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