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Knowledge vs Experience, and The Realization of Selfless Love (Part Two) – Ep.115

Luray Caverns

Chris began with a simple idea from his spiritual guide regarding Knowledge, Experience and Becoming. Knowledge is OK but without being backed by personal experience it’s like paper money without the gold backing – worthless. Another level up, if you have all kinds of wonderful spiritual experiences but are not becoming more divinized, then what good are experiences? They are happenings along the way, not the goal.

Then we continued the section called The Realization of Selfless Love, from James Allen’s book From Poverty to Power. Here are some excerpts:

“Men, clinging to self and to the comfortless shadows of evil, are in the habit of thinking of divine Love as something belonging to a God who is out of reach; as something outside themselves, and that must forever remain outside.” (Not True. Period.)

“But how may one attain to this sublime realization? The answer which Truth has always given, and will ever give to this question is – “Empty thyself, and I will fill thee.”

“…the strongest chains of fate by which men are bound are self-forged. Men are chained to that which causes suffering because they desire to be so, because they love their chains, because they think their little dark prison of self is sweet and beautiful…”

Turtles in Central Park

“Not having this Love, not understanding it, men institute innumerable reforms which involve no inward sacrifice, and each imagines his reform is going to right the world forever, whilst he himself continues to propagate evil by engaging in it in his own heart. That only can be called reform which tends to reform the human heart, for all evil has its rise there, and not until the world, ceasing from selfishness and party strife, has learned the lesson of divine Love, will it realize the Golden Age of universal blessedness.”

We topped it all off with an entry from 365 Tao called Renewal, which underscored the need for retreating into nature to renew ourselves.

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