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Beyond Intellect, and Entering Into The Infinite (Part Two) – Ep.119

Moon over the Atlantic

After an exciting announcement about what you’ll get by signing up for Chris’s Behind-the-Scenes emails, he read a few more peoples answers to this question he posted on Facebook: If you had 60 seconds to address every human being on earth, what message would you give?

Colleen: When your mission in life is peace and equality for ALL people who seek the same beliefs, you will be amazed at how you attract like minded people to you and your purposes become intertwined to truly make the world better for us now and for the legacy we leave behind us. It almost becomes easy like putting together a child’s puzzle as long as your heart is free and filled with the love of good will for all. And never forget that on a daily basis we should be drawn to help each other and find the ones that are struggling and figure out how to pick them up. I believe that is what being human is, as well as salvation and redemption… Free yourself from your own prison and see how good it feels to serve a higher purpose than just your own.

Peggy: Masters from all walks of life have been telling us the same thing since the beginning of time. We are much more than we think we are. We are all one with this greater energy, source, spirit, nature, God – whichever you’re drawn to. Our purpose for being here is whatever we choose that to be. We are meant to be happy and joyful working together. There is nothing that we can’t create in this reality.

David: I am your God, kneel down before me and tremble.


Kayaking in Alaska

Then we completed the section called Entering Into The Infinite, from James Allen’s book titled From Poverty to Power.

Chris discussed a few powerful excerpts:

…and to fall back upon unswerving obedience to the holy calm within, is to enter into the inmost heart of things, is to attain to a living, conscious experience of that eternal and infinite principle which must ever remain a hidden mystery to the merely perceptive intellect. Until this principle is realized, the soul is not established in peace, and he who so realizes is truly wise; not wise with the wisdom of the learned, but with the simplicity of a blameless heart and of a divine manhood.

To enter into a realization of the Infinite and Eternal is to rise superior to time, and the world, and the body, which comprise the kingdom of darkness; and is to become established in immortality, Heaven, and the Spirit, which make up the Empire of Light.

When the oscillation of the intellect ceases and perfect poise is secured, then, and not till then, does consciousness become one with the Infinite; not until then is childlike wisdom and profound peace secured.

By the surrender of self all difficulties are overcome, and there is no error in the universe but the fire of inward sacrifice will burn it up like chaff; no problem, however great, but will disappear like a shadow under the searching light of self-abnegation. Problems exist only in our own self-created illusions, and they vanish away when self is yielded up. Self and error are synonymous. Error is involved in the darkness of unfathomable complexity, but eternal simplicity is the glory of Truth.

Having yielded up his lusts, his errors, his opinions and prejudices, he has entered into possession of the knowledge of God, having slain the selfish desire for heaven, and along with it the ignorant fear of hell; having relinquished even the love of life itself, he has gained supreme bliss and Life Eternal, the Life which bridges life and death, and knows its own immortality. Having yielded up all without reservation, he has gained all, and rests in peace on the bosom of the Infinite.

When a fierce storm is raging none are angered about it, because they know it will quickly pass away, and when the storms of contention are devastating the world, the wise man, looking with the eye of Truth and pity, knows that it will pass away, and that out of the wreckage of broken hearts which it leaves behind the immortal Temple of Wisdom will be built.

That’s probably enough material to read and contemplate for a long, long time…

Major gratitude to James Allen!

Special Thanks to all the Pause Your Life members for their inspiration!

Keep Shining!

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